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March 28, 2014

Santa Fe NM designers and entrepreneurs Diane Dorsey and Ron Helman are excited to introduce their collection of luxe casual women’s apparel and accessories available at DORSEYHELMAN.COM. Sting fans are invited to enjoy a special gift of 20% off with promo code STING at DORSEYHELMAN.COM. This offer is valid for two weeks only (through April 11, 2014).

DORSEY HELMAN creates apparel and accessories that are luxurious and casual, a playful balance between sophistication and simplicity. The collection emphasizes American artisanal craftsmanship and a clean, minimal aesthetic. Exceptional quality is aligned with clarity of form that is timeless and modern, always with truth to materials. The DORSEY HELMAN line inspires an unconventional and optimistic spirit, giving free rein to self-expression with apparel and accessories that are true to you.

The DORSEY HELMAN collection takes inspiration from the Minimalist painters that worked in New Mexico. The artists’ emphasis on line, simple shapes, and ethereal colors prompted the palette, prints and distinctly modern feel in the collection. Dorsey said, “Like many drawn to live here, we are influenced by the natural beauty and drama of the southwestern landscape.”

Truth to Materials. DORSEY HELMAN’S fabrics are custom made for them by an American textile mill, and are the finest quality yarns found anywhere in the world. These superfine fabrics provide a superior hand feel and performance that you just can’t wait to get your hands on. The leather goods, ceramics, and scarves combine American raw materials with artisanal creativity.

Diane Dorsey’s jewelry, inspired by cultures from around the world combines extraordinary and unconventional elements sourced locally and from afar, creating rare objects of beauty and curiosity for the wearer. She fuses craftsmanship, artistry and luxury, designing jewelry that is organically infused with sophistication and a twist of rock ‘n’ roll.

All of DORSEY HELMAN’s items are made in the USA, by highly skilled artisans located primarily in New Mexico. Through working with local artisans, the team has the ability to oversee the quality and participate in the creative collaborative process of developing the products. Helman said, “It’s about building real relationships with real people, one smile at a time.”

Southwest Creations Collaborative, a non-profit women-driven manufacturer located in New Mexico whose mission is to build economic opportunity across generations, is manufacturing the apparel, designed by Dorsey and Helman. “We are committed to American craftsmanship, producing the finest quality American clothing and accessories while helping to build lives locally,” said Dorsey. “We feel honored to continue the heritage of American textile manufacturing.”

True to You. DORSEY HELMAN designs apparel and accessories with a serene and sensual mix that create an effortless dance of touch, texture and movement. “Self-expression is essential for a conscious and purposeful life,” Helman said, “You know who you are. No need for another opinion…not even ours.”

Diane Dorsey and Ron Helman are Co-Founders of DORSEY HELMAN. For more information, contact

Photo credit: David Albanese


Mar 27, 2014

Sting & Paul Simon's On Stage Together tour may have finished last weekend, but continues to bring you exclusive content from the road. In this clip, Sting says that working with Paul has been “wonderful” and calls his body of work “incredibly inspiring.” Check out this preview and then login as a member for the full video featuring exclusive performances from Sting and Paul Simon together onstage plus a revealing interview with Sting.

Mar 22, 2014
Paul Simon and Sting's On Stage Together Tour wrapped up last weekend in Orlando, FL, creating many truly great moments along the way, with both artists exploring one another's vast catalog of music. Thank you to all who came out to experience the shows and helped to make the tour such a rousing success. To celebrate these special concerts and the power of two - two artists, two repertoires, two bands and two amazing voices - we are offering 22% off Sting and Paul Simon: On Stage Together official apparel and memorabilia for the next two weeks. So visit the store today and shop a variety of items including t-shirts, a commemorative program, and more. (Sale excludes The Elder Statesman 100% cashmere hat)...