Sting features on new single by Narada Michael Walden...

November 01, 2023

The More I Love My Life is the new song by Narada Michael Walden. The song, on radio and on digital stores from November 10, 2023, anticipates the new album by multiple Grammy winner Narada Michael Walden, Euphoria (out November 17, and on pre-order from October 27). The song boasts the participation of three world music stars: Carlos Santana on guitar solos, Sting on vocals and Stevie Wonder on harmonica.

Narada Michael Walden talks about The More I love MY life and the birth of the Nicolosi/Walden Music label:

"Sting was the first to record his parts on The More I Love My Life. His voice appears in the second verse and in the chorus to which, with his voice and his harmony, he gave a magical sound. I will forever be grateful to my brother Sting. We have done more than 13 concerts together in the Rainforest, recording together is a real party!"

"Carlos Santana was the second to add his guitar solo, and the musical dialogue with Stevie Wonder at the end. Santana also invited me to listen to the African artist Ishmael Lo, who inspired me to create the song, and who gave us two classic lines at the end of the song."

"The last one to record at Capital Studios was the legend Stevland Morris, the legendary Stevie Wonder. He used the right harmonica for the key of the song and added colors that we can all hear. The final solo, where he duets with Carlos' guitar, represents something unparalleled for me. For me it's a dream come true, having these Champions on the same song."

"EUPHORIA is the first production created in collaboration with Team Nicolosi (formerly Novecento). Some time ago, Lino Nicolosi asked me to sing on Billy Cobham's brilliant album and I loved his family's work! Thus we founded the new label NICOLOSI/WALDEN MUSIC, born in spring 2023."

"I wish all my fans to play loudly and enjoy this album of unreleased songs! Our world needs positive energy and I want to serve humanity with my music of love, joy and inspiration. I can't wait to meet you one day in a live concert!"

You can preview the new single at


Oct 30, 2023

We are delighted to announce four Sting shows in Germany in July 2024 in Fulda, Füssen, Salem and Stuttgart. Tickets for these shows will go on public sale on Friday, 3 November at 10am. The shows (except for Stuttgart) will go on presale to members on Tuesday, 31 October at 10am. There are no presales for the Stuttgart show. All times are local...

Oct 27, 2023

We are delighted to announce several Sting shows in the UK and Ireland in June 2024 in Delamere Forest (Cheshire), Thetford Forest (Suffolk), Sherwood Pines (Notts), Belsonic (Belfast) and Musgave Park in Cork. Special guests at the Belfast and Cork shows will be Blondie. Tickets for these shows will go on pre-sale to members on Monday, 30 October at 9am and on public sale on Friday 3 November at 9am.