''Sting goes back to basics with Fox concert'' reports STLtoday...

June 06, 2012

Sting goes back to basics with Fox concert...

English rocker Sting kept it simple and straightforward at his concert Tuesday night at the Fox Theatre.

When Sting last visited these parts two years ago at Verizon Wireless Amphitheater, he lushly recreated his classics with the help of the Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra.

This time, Sting came with a band including Dominic Miller on guitar, Vinnie Colauita on drums, David Sancious on keyboards and Peter Tickell on a mean electric fiddle for a show that took fans in another direction.

Sting and his band were most interested in rocking out, pumping up songs such as 'Demolition Man', 'Driven to Tears' and 'Next to You' to maximum effect, in ways that couldn't play out with the orchestra show.

At the same time, the show felt scaled down and free of frills.

During the two-hour show, which started with 'All This Time' and 'Every Little Thing She Does is Magic', Sting mixed his solo material with some select Police songs, a mix that wasn't entirely pleasing.

Sting can never go wrong when he performs 'King of Pain' and 'Every Breath You Take', two golden Police nuggets saved for the encore here, but where were 'Roxanne' and 'Message in a Bottle'? Sure, songs get temporarily put on the shelf, but that should never happen with 'Roxanne'.

The same can be said for some of the solo song choices. 'Fields of Gold', 'If You Love Somebody Set Them Free' and 'If I Ever Lose My Faith in You' still bristle with greatness, but where were 'Shape of My Heart' and 'Fragile'.

Sting often pulled out lesser-known songs in the concert's home stretch. It might've been a dream come true for the most hardcore of Sting fans, but not so much for everyone else.

Sting, mostly in good voice and backed vocally by Jo Lawry, talked about great songs written about St. Louis and said he wished he'd written one. But since he hadn't, he said he'd sing one he wrote about New York, natually introducting 'Englishman in New York', which came with a funky, out-of-nowhere breakdown.

He told fans he always loved country music and tried to write country music for years, but there was a problem with authenticity. So he was happy when Toby Keith took a Sting-penned song to the top of the charts. He misidentified the song as 'I Hung My Head', which Johnny Cash actually covered.

After correcting himself and performing the ballad, he performed his song that Keith covered, 'I'm So Happy I Can't Stop Crying'.

'Sacred Love', he said, was his bringing together of two of his favorite things, sex and religion, two things he says people usually separate.

The mystic 'Desert Rose' kicked off the satisfying string of encore songs.

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Chuck Berry
I used to play piano with Mr. Berry and he said out of all the songs he ever heard, his personal favorite was "Every Breath You Take" and he wished he had written it himself. My favorite is "King of Pain". Flagpole rag and the wind won't stop. Brilliant imagery. I was just in your neck of the woods at Amesbury and had to resist the urge to drop in unannounced. haha I did visit Stonehenge,of course. MySpace/heavenlytunez John Courtney Parish P.S. not THAT John Parish
posted by aethelredaltered
Chuck Berry
I used to play piano with Mr. Berry. I consider him to be the true "King of Rock and Roll". Although Elvis was a great singer,Mr. Berry wrote the songs that "defined the genre",as you well know. Once Mr. Berry said to me that out of all the songs he had ever heard,"Every Breath You Take" was his personal favorite and said that he wished he had written it himself. My personal favorite is "King of Pain". Flagpole rag and the wind won't stop. Brilliant imagery. Although I am almost certain that you will never read this, Mr.Sumner, I thought it was worth a try to let you know of this. Also, I was just in your neck of the woods, Amesbury to be exact, and I did have to resist the urge to pay you a visit. haha My MySpace page is Heavenly Tunez if you are bored some time or are looking for a good laugh!! Yours most cordially, John Courtney Parish P.S. Not THAT John Parish!! haha
posted by blueiiis
i am so glad you are touring in the us again and that you and your crew are back together..best wishes for ya'lls continued success...t
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Jun 4, 2012
For those of you who didn't make the trek to Thackerville, Okla. last night to hear Sting, you missed a good one. It was the second of two concerts at WinStar World Casino this weekend that kicked off his latest tour, not long since the finish of his “Back to Bass Tour” that brought Sting to the Verizon Theatre in Grand Prairie last November. This was his first time to perform at WinStar in the Global Event Center, a comfortable venue much like a hotel ballroom. The room seats just under 3,500, with cushy chairs, bars in the back and dry acoustics. It was the perfect place to hear Sting, who was in prime form...
Jun 2, 2012
Following the Back To Bass tour which ended in Cape Town in March, tonight Sting commences his latest tour in Thackerville, Oklahoma, the first of 35 summer dates across North America, Canada and Europe. The tour will find Sting performing many of his greatest hits and he will be joined on the tour by a 5-piece band featuring Dominic Miller (guitar), David Sancious (keyboards), Vinnie Colaiuta (drums), Peter Tickell (electric fiddle), and Jo Lawry (vocals). If you are attending of the shows remember to share your reviews, thoughts and photos with other Sting fans on the relevant tour page for the show - as everyone would love to know what you think. The full tour schedule is below. Some tickets may still be available for certain shows - check the ticket links on this page http://sting.com/tour/index/...