Support the Rainforest Foundation...

December 11, 2010

Protect the rainforest this holiday season.

* Donating protects 5 acres. 5 acres produces 100,000 gallons of fresh water in one year - the amount of water used by the average American over 3 years.

* Donating protects 10 acres. 10 acres of rainforest produces 28 tons of Oxygen in one year - the amount of Oxygen breathed in by 8 people in a year.

* Donating 0 protects 20 acres. 20 acres of rainforest absorbs 80 tons of CO2 in a year - the amount of CO2 emitted from burning 8,000 gallons of gas!

There is no more important gift you could give this season. And when you make a Holiday Gift donation we will send you a special certificate in recognition of the acres you are protecting.



Dec 2, 2010
We are proud to support this auction in aid of the Rainforest Foundation UK. Please visit to bid on hundreds of holiday gifts, including a visit to Sting and Trudie Styler's Lake House in Wiltshire, UK.
Nov 30, 2010

We are pleased to announce that Sting will extend his 'Symphonicity' world tour to include a third and final show at Tokyo's Budokan arena on Wednesday, January 19.