The Back To Bass Tour makes its final stop in Bucharest tonight… thanks to the fans for a great tour! See you next time…

July 31, 2013

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posted by peanuts
A hundred billion thanks.....
To Sting,Dom,Jo,Dave,Vinnie & Peter...and to each and every member of the B2B tour crew..thank you ever so much for an amazing tour....and Sting,from running down from my house with my 10p to Coadys chipper 36yrs ago to play CSLY on the Juke box to the mind blowing experience that the gig in Cork was...we are indeed Blessed to be on this planet at the same time as you....Best Wishes always,Willie.
posted by mjharris
Life changing again..
I have shared the last 30+ years with Sting giving voice to my heart. This year it went to "A whole 'nother level" when my beloved husband and I stood in the front row and had a dream come true. Our gratitude and love for Sting and his band beggars description. Thank you for your voice, your heart, your all. Margaret
posted by soulcages6
Congratulations & Thank You
Dear Sting, Now, with this leg of the Back to Bass Tour coming to its close; it is time to once again thank you for pouring your heart out with each & every song. Your performance illustrates the passion you have performing live. A pure love of music & the joy you feel sharing it with us. You express a gracious remembrance of your youth in Wallsend; yet still in awe, filled with admiration for those of us who have come to see you perform. We are incredibly fortunate to have shared the magnificence of your music! We have adored every second from British Columbia to Bucharest. Why wouldn't anyone want to feel more of this? We are grateful beyond measure for having this experience and your music to treasure forever! Thank you does not even begin to suffice! With love and admiration from all of us!
posted by scorpio10
Thank You, Sting!
I'm still relishing the after glow of THIS concert! Bravo America's Cup Pavilion for an amazing outdoor venue. Great sights with BRILLIANT musicians! June 2 is a day I'll cherish for the rest of my life! THANK YOU, THANK YOU!
posted by soulcage62
Mr sting how about a uk date soon. PLEASE
posted by vanja1966
BtB tour
Thnks so much to Sting and the great band. Hope to see you soon!!!!
posted by Elessarus
Could not be better
I have seen 2 shows on this back to bass tour and they were both absolutly amazing! Thank you sting and band for this amazing experience again! I could never get enough of you!
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Jul 23, 2013

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