The Last Ship's voyage continues to Nottingham...

May 09, 2018

The Last Ship has continued its voyage having this week berthed in Nottingham at the Playhouse Theatre. The reviews continue to be extremely positive as they have been in Leeds, Northampton, Birmingham, Liverpool and Newcastle. If you're quick you can still catch The Last Ship at the Playhouse as it runs until Saturday, 12 May before moving on to Cardiff.

The Nottingham Post commented: "Carried along by Sting’s wonderful score which features dynamic, stage-thumping ensembles and melancholy solos, the cast, led by Joe McGann, Richard Fleeshman, Charlie Hardwick and Frances McNamee, get right into the soul of the blighted community. They are all exceptional, but would be churlish to single anyone out for special praise for this is a collective triumph, better than the sum of its parts and fully deserving the standing ovation at the end."

East Midlands Theatre commented: "The Last Ship is directed with guts and sensitivity by Lorne Campbell and Sting’s music and lyrics shine through like the beams of golden sunlight on a metallic storm clouded day with rough seas crashing on the shore... All the cast offer up everything and are all of fine voice. The attention to detail in each individual character is sharply drawn and makes for a community we care about... The result is a total theatrical triumph!"

Nottingham Confidential commented: "An earthy, gutsy and roaringly-exceptional cast led by a staunchly convincing and endearing Joe McGann in fine voice as foreman Jackie White, it's a dramatically and poignantly staged show, full of heart and pride running the full spectrum of fervent and affecting emotions. With a spectacular setting showcasing breathtaking projections by Olivier Award winners 59 Productions transporting the audience through incredible storms with vast ships and glowering moody shipyards, it's a jaw-droppingly impressively staged show..."

The Last Ship continues at the Playhouse Theatre until Saturday 12 May. Tickets are still available here.


May 8, 2018

Sting and Shaggy recently did a stripped-down session for Stereogum when in New York and you can check this out here. The pair performed their new songs “Morning Is Coming” and “Don’t Make Me Wait” followed by “Angel” and a loose “Boombastic” featuring improvised toasting and a bit of “Roxanne.” Joining them were guitarist Kameron Corvet and vocalists Melissa Muzique and Gene Noble, all of whom appear on the album...

May 8, 2018

Sting & Shaggy are to appear on 'Speakeasy' to talk about their new album 44/876. The show will be recorded on May 24 at 5pm at the Manderley Bar at the McKittrick Hotel in New York. We have secured a small number of tickets for members to buy. If you are interested in attending, please either enter a comment below and let us know you are interested AND available. We’ll pull a few names from the hat and let those selected know later tonight and connect you with the box office to purchase your tickets...