Video of Sting at Chicago Lit Fest 8 June...

June 09, 2013

posted by ahlehner
Thank you. GREAT - with love from an etcetera.
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Jun 8, 2013
Sting's current ''Back to Bass'' tour is a tightly packed retrospective, assembling all the facets of his 36-year career into a neat two hours of the obvious hits, some international detours, and requisite ballads. The Ravinia show, the first of two consecutive sold-out nights, accommodated the expectations of anyone who entered the Sting camp early, middle, or late. He didn't push things much beyond those boundaries; instead, Sting performed with the consummate class of a professional who appears more relaxed in presenting his long line of musical trophies than he is earning any more for the shelf...
Jun 7, 2013
Theatre-goers will be the first to hear an early preview of a new song by Sting. The musician’s yet-to-be released album, The Last Ship, shares the name of a musical play he has devised, which is to open on Broadway next year. And he has given permission for the title song to be included in another new play to be premiered in the North East this month. Director Max Roberts asked Sting for permission to include his song All This Time in the play, Tyne. Sting gave his blessing and also sent a demo recording of The Last Ship along with additional lyrics...