Watch Sting performing 'The Last Ship' on Charlie Rose. An edited version of his interview and another performance will air on Charlie Rose: The Week tomorrow night...

October 10, 2013

posted by humpies
My ship
Iv been boating around the harbor listening and singing along to these exelant songs, thanks for more fantastic music sting!
posted by ahlehner
Had to beg my mom to borrow back the CD! She and 20 year old niece have been "singing the songs in the pool" My Dad was a big fan and he is smiling down at you to say thanks for giving her (us) these songs to sing. Thank you again...
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Oct 9, 2013

There's an eerie truth to a song on Sting's new album, "The Last Ship." "Dead Man's Boots" tells the story of a father passing a job to his son that the boy simply doesn't want. In a way, that story parallels the musician's life. Born in the English shipbuilding town of Wallsend, Sting clearly wanted no part of the industry, instead attending university to become a teacher. But that wasn't enough, so two years later he made an even bolder move: to pursue a career in music. "There were no clues in my environment that you leave that environment and fare well and be successful. My parents didn't really understand what my dreams were, they just thought I was crazy, because I had just given up a job with a pension and the security, in their eyes," he said...

Oct 8, 2013

On November 5th, Amnesty International will release ¡Released!, a special six-disc DVD and two-disc CD box set featuring four shows from their historic Human Rights Concerts series that spanned from 1986-1998. The first of the four films showcases the all-day final concert of A Conspiracy of Hope, Amnesty International's 25th anniversary tour of the U.S. in June 1986. Included are performances by U2 ,the Police, Bryan Adams, Miles Davis, Lou Reed and Joni Mitchell. The third film features the An Embrace of Hope October 1990 concert, where Sting, Sinead O'Connor, Jackson Browne and Wynton Marsalis landed in Chile to show support of the country's liberation from military dictatorship...