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Poznan. Sting played at the opening of the Municipal Stadium...

More than 30,000 people listened to Sting's greatest hits, which, together with the London Royal Philharmonic Orchestra played on Monday at the official opening of the Municipal Stadium of the Day, a Euro 2012 arena.

Artist during the two and half hour performance he sang his biggest hits 'If I Ever Lose My Faith In You', 'Englishman in New York' and 'Shape of My Heart'. There were plenty of songs from the works of The Police, whose leader was Sting. Poznan audience enthusiastically took known songs as 'Roxanne' and 'Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic'.

The artist soon made contact with the audience and not just phrases like "how are you?" or "thank you". The song 'Russians', although the card said, but in Polish: "This is a song about the cold war." Recent hits including Every Breath You Take', the audience both in the stands, as well as that which took the chair on the board, standing watching, responding enthusiastically.

Sting's Poznan concert was one of 78 scheduled after the June 2 launch in Canada of the world tour promoting his latest album artist 'Symphonicity'. The Musician was accompanied by the London Royal Philharmonic Orchestra under the baton of Steven Mercurio known for his work with artists including Luciano Pavarotti and Andrea Bocelli.

Before Sting played the Polish contractor - a team Indios Bravos and Anna Maria Jopek.

Poznan for several days lived, not only the concert of a famous artist, but also the official opening of the stadium. For the organizers it was a real race against time. The building, which still resembles a construction site until Friday received all necessary approvals from the police, fire and building inspection for use. Even on the day of the concert in the stadium and worked around the dozens of workers. After the concert, the work will last for several months, but around an object - such as arise walkways, access roads, parking lots as a training ground.

Poznan stadium is the first of four Polish football arena ready for the European Championships in 2012. Its modernization has started in 2003 and cost 700 million zlotys. Elite class of the object is, that meets all the requirements of the organization at the highest level of football. At four, covered grandstand roof membrane over 43,000 seats, but according to the requirements UEFA Euro 2012 their number is limited to 41,000.

The stadium has a sufficient number of places for disabled people, and designers have taken the ecological criteria such as by installing underground rainwater tanks, which will be used, inter alia, spraying turf.

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hey (world), move on - fan, arrested & j
you never get in the same river twice in your life, with an exception of art - with the outstanding music and exquisite lyrics, I could swim the Sting's music forever; the concert in Poznań another great swim in a musical Amazon; unfortunately, I didn't see the fireworks as I left earlier to get safely home but I 've heard and enjoyed every note of it; hey, Sting, why don't you come back to Poznan on tour with Paul Simon?? or should I say: please, come back to our beautiful city :-)
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