Outlandos d'Amour
Los Angeles, USThe Whisky

Police at the Whisky...

Andy Summers from ''One Train Later'': ''The Whiskey is sold out and we play to a hot, sweaty room. I have been on this stage before, but this is It. A&M personnel are in attendance every night, and even Jerry Moss - the M of A&M - comes to check us out. Here, away from the judiciary of London, we have credibility. No one cares about our past, only about the music we are making now. It feels just. We can succeed or fail as a band and no longer have to apologize for having picked up a guitar before the punk era.

We play tough, overdriven sets every night, blasting and improvising our way through 'Roxanne,' 'Message,' and 'The Bed's Too Big,' and come offstage drenched in sweat and high from the adrenaline that pumps from the audience. After the final roar of drums, bass, and guitar, we rush upstairs to the dressing room, where we collapse in a heap on the ratty sofa and chairs, dazed but triumphant.''