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London, GBSheraton Park Lane Hotel

Sting at Gizmondo...

The first public performance by Sting and his new band took place on Saturday, March 19 in the Ballroom of the Park Lane Sheraton Hotel in London. The event was the launch of the new Gizmondo and Sting was the first of several high profile artists to take to the stage to provide the evening's entertainment, preceding Jamiroquai, Busta Rhymes, Clipse and Pharrel Williams.

After being introduced by Tom Green and Dannii Minogue, Sting (who was a surprise guest) stormed through a four song set comprising of 'Demolition Man', 'Message In A Bottle', 'Roxanne' and 'Every Breath You Take', much to the delight of the packed venue. The performance belied the fact that the band had only had two weeks rehearsal, and 'Demolition Man' in particular was a revelation featuring the twin guitars of Dominic Miller and Shane Fontayne (who also added harmonica and backing vocals) as Josh Freese locked down a rock steady beat.

Sting and all of the band were extremely upbeat about how well the rehearsals out in Italy had gone and are very excited about the upcoming tour. Judging by the songs they have been rehearsing out in Tuscany we can expect to see and hear some amazing, unforgettable dates during April and May. If you haven't got tickets yet - get them! Final word goes to Dominic: ''This tour is one that fans will love - it's a set that will be appreciated by real Sting fans.''

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