Brand New Day
New York City, USRockefeller Plaza

Sting on the Today Show Summer Concert Series...

It was a beautiful morning, sunny, crystal clear blue skies, cool, Sting arrived at the NBC Plaza about 5.30am, came out briefly, took a look at the stage and went back in. His hair was a bit rumpled, like he'd just woken up! The band came onto the stage and did a few minutes of a soundcheck then before 6am, Sting joined them for 'Desert Rose'. He said 'Good morning' to the enthusiastic crowd and ''It's too early'', before he and the band went through rehearsals of 'Desert Rose', 'Englishman In New York', 'Brand New Day', 'Fields of Gold' and 'Desert Rose' again. At one point Trudie came onstage and wrapped a sweater around his bare shoulders whilst Sting kept his thirst quenched with carrot juice. It wasn't even 6.30am, and Sting had done a mini-concert for the early birds. This was just the soundcheck!

Then Sting and the band left until it was time for the live performance. The crowd got larger and larger in those two hours. Must have been over 7,000 people around the Plaza. Later the host announced it was the largest summer concert crowd they had had. Lots of people held up hand made signs, declaring their love for Sting. The crowd was composed of a lot of tourists, especially from the States, who make the Today Show appearance a top tourist attraction. I even saw two girls done up in outfits as bees.

Finally, about 8.40am, Sting and the band returned for the live concert. Very exciting! The crowd was all smiles, signs and screams. The cameras zoom up and around us, and Sting and the band sounded great. He did 'Desert Rose', 'Englishman in New York' and 'Fields Of Gold' all of which were broadcast. By this time I'd been standing for five hours straight, but I was so excited by the performance I couldn't believe it was over...

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