Brand New Day
Grenoble, FRSummum

The perfect Mister Sting...

The story begins with a 7'' where three blonde angels on the sleeve make sad faces. Hidden by pieces of broken bottle, with their reggae music tinged with rock they're about to conquer the whole world. Twenty years after 'Message in a Bottle', from this mythic trio remains one man, father of six children, who is said to be back from all in general. From the Police, from tantrism, and saving of the Rainforest...

The public of Le Summum is back for good, and the little ''sold out'' sign on the door is a sign that makes perfect sense: Sting's place in rock star heaven was booked a long time ago. When the show goes on, the place is full...

In addition to the two background singers, a five strong band (including Manu Katche on the drums) support a really sober Mister Sting. Dressed darkly and with Fender Bass used by years of touring, he is singing with the same unique voice as ever some tracks of a rare efficacity. 'Set Them Free', 'All This Time', the songs go one after another in front of an audience which was convinced before the start.

Beside that, the composition of the audience tell a lot about the power of the man: interested fifties, calm thirties and amazed teenies, Sting touches everyone on his way to success. 5,000 Grenoblois never stop to clap their hands, but clap harder and harder when ''their'' unforgettable 'Roxanne' put its nose to the window. There's no time to regret, maybe, that perhaps no little mistake (an unlaced shoe lace, a broken string or a high flying note...) came to disturb this wonderful machine, but the ''sting'' has already flown away. The English-Man has gone to shine somewhere else...

(c) Le Dauphine Libere by Bruno Garcia/translated by Martin Vauchel