Brand New Day
Metz, FRGalaxie

Sting at the Galaxie: a hymn to love...

Two days before Valentine's Day, pop star Sting presented some facets of his new album, 'Brand New Day', last night at the Galaxie. They're really all about love. Eight thousand fans were electrified by this exceptional concert.

Fully recovered from a bad bout of stomach flu (this week he had to cancel two dates on his new tour), Sting made it clear last night at the Galaxie, in front of eight thousand ardent supporters of this rare artist, that he still knew how to work up a crowd. Sting in full flight gave an excellent concert, without doubt the best of recent times in Lorraine. What a concert, and what musicians, like the trumpeter, the guitarist Miller or the drummer-rapper, Manu Katche, who springs a surprise!

But with 'Brand New Day', his latest album, it's also a turning point for the pop star. Yet another one, one could say. Captivated last year by the Corsican voices of ''I'Muvrini,'' this time Sting has fashioned his new musical landscape over the no less enchanting voice of Cheb Mami, the prince of the princes of rai. A delicate musical atmosphere arises around the songs of love found on his latest album, whose title-track was played twice last night. Yesterday's concert was a perfect collection of his best songs, for example, 'Englishman in New York': when the red curtain fell on the stage, the whole crowd sang together in chorus.

Arranged rap style by Puff Daddy, or with the latest version of Roxanne revisited by George Michael, the greatest Police standards, by way of Sting, also demonstrate the artist's greatness. And the solo encore of 'Message in a Bottle' is one of the best proofs of this.

(c) Le Republicain Lorrain by Jean-Pierre Ricard/translated by Clarissa Aykroyd and Diane Villani