Brand New Day
Prague, CZPaegas Arena

Sting made Prague sing...

The European Brand New Day tour brought worldwide celebrated British singer Sting back to Prague after four years. In these times when big stars such as Whitney Houston cancel concerts because of low interest, Sting succeeded in almost selling out the Sports Hall (14,000 people).

Shortly before 8:30 p.m. the lights dimmed and from the dark the first bars of the song 'A Thousand Years' (which opens the 'Brand New Day' album) began to play. In Prague, Sting played almost the whole of the new album. In the song 'Perfect Love...Gone Wrong', Sting's loyal drummer Manu Katche replaced Frenchwoman Ste who is does the rapping on the album.

The main star of the night hardly spoke at all except welcoming the audience and introducing members of the band. Although Sting had been suffering for several days from strong flu his performance was admirable and he went on singing for all two hours without anyone mentioning his having had a cold.

In jazzy mooded tunes like 'Moon Over Bourbon Street' or 'Englishman In New York' Sting gave his partners in the band Chris Botti and Jason Rebello a chance to excel.

During the first mentioned song the stage was illuminated by big ball lights and during the second the background was designed as skyscrapers. But Sting used such scenic effects moderately. The most impressive were the flames during the hit 'Desert Rose' that were actually created by fluttering scarfs.

Sting played most of his hits and at the end of the show the audience made him come back twice. In some songs as 'Message In A Bottle' the strong melody was highlighted by an acoustic version. A lot of songs people in the hall sang instead of Sting. His wide 'catch' and ability to write not simple but catchy songs are well known.

In Prague, he convinced us again that he can be masterful on the stage as well.

(c) Slovo by Vladimir Wohlhofner/translated by Stepanka Krizova