Brand New Day
Katowice, PLSpodek Sports Hall

That was magic!

The crowd (the Spodek filled up to the very last seat) encourages with whistles and applauses. Everyone repeats the gossip that he has a sorethroat. Finally, at 20:30 the lights go out. Sting (black, tight T-shirt and black trousers) appears on the stage. He begins with a song from the new record, and then the old tracks follow. ''I'm gonna wet myself!'' - an excited young girl shouts to her friend. The older fans know all the songs and sing with an artist.

The scenery is imperessive and suprising. At the beginning there are straight sashes from hanging white material enlightened with colourful lights. When Sting sings 'Moon Over Bourbon Street' lit baloons appear on the stage (the three full-Moons).

During 'Englishman In New York' the stage transforms into New York at night, with skyscrapers and lights in the windows.

During 'Roxanne' - a ballad about a prostitute - its obviously red. The hall goes mad. The crowd sings while Sting listens, and then he shows off with bass solos. He charms. Many people call their acquaintances with mobile phones and tell them to listen.

Right after another reason to celebrate - 'Desert Rose' - a beautiful song from his latest record. It's oriental, and thousands of people repeat after Sting arabian ''aley, aley...''. Shortly about 10pm - the end. Sting, to the despair of the crowd leaves the stage. The applause reverbs off the walls of Spodek. The Englishman returns to sing three more ballads, including Fragile', and then disappears.

(c) Gazeta Wyborcza by author unknown/translated by Piotr Sobocinski