Back to Bass Tour
Boston, USWang Theatre at the Citi Performing Arts Center

Just rousing from a short night's sleep - you know that almost hung-over feeling (although there was no alcohol last night) but you know you were up late... Sting verses filling your sub-conscious immediately upon waking, so you know you were somewhere special before you closed your eyes last night. Thankfully, it is a Sunday.

Just a couple of highlights for now from last night...think my three personal favorites had to be 'Ghost Story', 'Sacred Love' & 'The Hounds of Winter'. Not necessarily my all-time favorite Sting songs, but my favorite three arrangements of the night, if you know what I mean.

Literally had tears running down my face during 'Ghost Story'... Sting gave a little intro talking about his Dad & their relationship... he really sung with such emotion... very poignant for me since my own Dad passed away many years ago on the night of 10/22/88... yes, same date & it was even on a Saturday night. Amazing how a song can bring back such strong memories, even 23 years later (but that is the beauty & wonderful gift that is Sting to so many of us...)

Sacred Love was just pure fun... every band member really working their own specialty to contribute… lot’s of interaction between Dom & Rufus which was truly wonderful...Jo & Rufus added so much to the vocals...was a real treat to listen to, as well as watch the interaction of the band, although at one point there did appear to be a bit of trouble with Sting touching his mic & shaking his head off stage... did not distract from the fun however. Definitely a high point in a night of many.

'The Hounds of Winter' was wonderful and I can only describe Jo’s backup vocals as "sensual howling"… Vinnie does the most amazing press roll on this one which Sting makes a point to highlight. Truly unbelievable arrangement...a treat to see performed live & you get the sense that they all really enjoy playing this one.

The crowd was a bit livelier (probably that Friday vs. Saturday night thing) but we were all tapped on the shoulders and asked to sit down by the Wang Theatre’s security... yes, during 'All This Time' which I found unbelievable since it was the very first song. More on this later.

Bit of a change from Opening Night... 'Desert Rose' was added (believe in place of 'Lithium Sunset'?) Sorry, the nights are starting to blend together... it does appear they are making minor adjustments, but as we have seen previously with Sting tours, I suspect there won’t be any major changes to the set list. A song here or there or maybe switch up the order a tad.

The man is really so comfortable in his 60 year-old skin... as he said he has always had an old persona, so it is fitting and the audience certainly benefits from it during this tour - one that is definitely worthy of spending your hard earned dollars for & taking the time off from work to travel to if he’s not coming to your local area. You won’t regret it if you can swing it.

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phing October 04,2011
Sting - Tour Kick Off - After Show Party
Join GHOST IN THE MACHINE, New England's premier POLICE TRIBUTE BAND, at the HARD ROCK CAFE for a vintage set of POLICE classics after STING kicks off his "Back to Bass Tour" at The Wang Theatre at the Citi Performing Arts Center on October 21'st. Part of the proceeds of this show will help support The Hard Rock Cafe's "Pinktober" breast cancer charity. Ghost in the Machine is a tribute band performing the greatest hits of the platinum selling band The Police. GITM is one of the most authentic Police tribute bands around, re-creating the sound, energy and excitement of a vintage Police concert. The magic of The Police has captured the hearts and minds of millions, and has created one of the largest followings in history. Ghost in the Machine, New England's premiere Police tribute band, has developed a live show that captures the magic of The Police live. GITM invites you to share your passion for the greatest band on the planet by joining them in a tribute that will leave you speechless! Show starts 20 minutes after Sting leaves the stage!