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Las Vegas, USColosseum

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zenyatta101 November 27,2011
Sting in Las Vegas_November 25, 2011
Travel all the way from LA with my wife to see Sting in Las Vegas and 4 hours of road trip was worth every mile. The Colosseum of Caesar Palace was a great venue, the show started quite late and there were a lot of late fans (shame on you people). The band came out and Sting started the show with All This Time, I love the setlist especially Fortress Around Your Heart Sting gave each band member a time to shine and Peter Tickell show everybody how to rock the violin. As expected, Dom and Vinnie rocked the house with their magical performance. Jo Lawry voice compliments Sting so well and she seems to enjoyed having playful backing vocals with Dom Rufus had some good solo acoustic guitar in Fields Of Gold. The audience .. quite dry the whole time, until a bunch of ladies in the first row dances to the tune of Desert Rose and Sting followed it up with EBYT and Next To You. After Stolen Car, Danny Quantrochi (Sting Tech for 25 years),maybe found something wrong with Sting favorite 57 Fender bass and replaced it with a similar Fender bass ( I thing its a 55 Fender which sting doesn't really like to play), Good thing Danny fixed the problem and Sting was glad and happy and told the audience that he love his bass guitar. Sting as an encore played acoustic version of Message In the Bottle. Trivia to all Sting Fan, Did you notice that Sting always use this special wooden small table to put his water (green and blue with like a Christmas tree drawing?) Well, I'm back now in LA and can't wait to see him again in The Wiltern on Tuesday, this time with a VIP tickets, wishing for at least the first 5 rows. Hope he change his setlist for LA and sing "I Burn for You"..