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Cape Town, ZAGrand Arena

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ledlet March 29,2012
Sting was fun and the music and band had moments . The sound was not great where we were 12 rows from the front in the aisle his vocals got a little lost from time to time but the view was good . Respect to Sting for being the cat he is and respect to his durability and quality . He obviously loves what he does and does it well - you cant ask for more except more of the same
thermostatix March 29,2012
Brilliant show
I was at the show last night. It blew me away, from the very tasteful lighting design to the fantastic musicianship on stage. Every member did exactly what he/she had to to make this show worth waiting for. Sting did say, right at the end, that they'll be back, I just hope that's not an empty promise! Especially since the setlist above says you guys were supposed to play Roxanne... :) Thanks again for an amazing show, good luck on the next tours, and please keep on finding the music in the fields!