Summerside, CACredit Union Place

Wrapped Around His Finger...

Sting made more than a few dreams come true Monday night.

Several people waiting to get into the show at Credit Union Place said that seeing him live in concert was on their "bucket list" of things to do before they die.

"His voice is just so pitch perfect," said Josée Ouellon, of Moncton.

"And of course the music from The Police is good too. It's classic. It's never going to grow old on me," she said.

Margaret Parsons, of Halifax, has also waited a lifetime to see Sting - though she never imagined she'd be doing it in Summerside, P.E.I.

"It should have been 'Sting in Tuscany' but you know, Summerside (will do)," laughed Parsons.

"When I saw it in the newspaper I didn't believe it. I had to go and check online. I mean 'Sting in Summerside,'" she said.

But once she got here, she found the atmosphere much more relaxed than it would have been in Halifax, she said.

"There would have been rushes of people going in," she said.

There were indeed precious few empty seats in the house in Eastlink Arena as the 61-year-old British rocker took to the stage at 8 p.m. sharp and immediately brought the house down.

For more than two hours the former frontman and bassist for The Police played non-stop; belting out his timeless hits that range in sound from pop and rock to reggae with a bit of blues and jazz thrown in for good measure.

"I'm a virgin on Prince Edward Island. I'm thrilled to be here, we all are," said the man who was born Gordon Sumner.

He had very little chitchat with the audience, though they hardly seemed to mind - more time for the performance and more time to dance.

And dance they did. In their seats, in the aisle and everywhere else they could find bit of open space to sway to the beat.

It was well worth the hassle of getting here for Brian Robichaud of Halifax.

He was visiting the Island with his family in North River and caught a ride to Summerside for the show - but getting back to North River at the end of the night was another matter.

So, in true rock concert fashion, he drew up a sign asking for a ride and stood by the door until someone offered him a seat.

A small inconvenience for the chance to see one of the great musicians of our times, said Robichaud.

"This opportunity is not going to come around again locally," he said.

"Sting . . . some of the music he's producing now is probably some of the best music that you could expect to hear."

Sting just has that combination of old school rock and pop sound that resonates with audiences mixed with a great songwriter who writes what he wants and not what others tell him to, added Robichaud.

"Guys like Sting - you're probably not going to see many more of these guys."

(c) Journal Pioneer by Colin MacLean

JohnRN June 27,2013
Waited 20 years to see one of the worlds pristine voices and performers, and man it didnt disappoint!!!! With an all-star band backing up his rockin bass lines he brought the house down. Having Vinnie on drums was a bonus extraordinaire for the drummers in the audience. Once again it has been proven that pyrotechniques, big elaborate light shows etc will always be bet out by pure musicality . I travelled from Cape Breton to see the PEI show, and would walk there to see him again. TY,TY,TY to all the people who made this happen, and if your ever wishing to play a venue of comparable size, Cape Breton is your place!!
ERICHANTAL April 04,2013
Member package
I never received my membership package, T-shirt etc... was wondering when I should expect to get it?
Randolph February 07,2013
Membership t-shirts, etc.
When will the Membership packages(T-shirt, discount coupon, etc.)be available?
cailinrua77 January 29,2013
Cork presale
Can anyone tell me how I use the presale code? there's nowhere on the ticketmaster site to enter the code


Enter your passcode in the empty box next to the where the ticket price is shown on the ticketmaster site.
karinantolick January 25,2013
We joined the fan club so we could get our tickets earlier and find out the presale was over hours ago. What a rip off!


As per the info on the tour page the presale ended on Friday at 3pm local.
Mike1012 January 24,2013
Hi I just signed up but how do get tickets ? it is not taking my password


If your code begins STGN you are not a legacy member and won't get access until 11am. See
charlierussell January 24,2013
I dont see the code... and I saw it there earlier..


You need to be a paid member and logged in to view your code.
Crapaud2 January 24,2013
Can't get into the pre-sale - even though I am a member!


You must be a paid member of the fan club to take part in the presale. If you are then login and visit the Tour page where your unique passcode is displayed.
xlntiii January 24,2013
Log into your membership account and go to this page to find your code:
trevorgoodwin January 24,2013
I can't find the presale password anywheres??!


Are you a paid member? If you are not you can't take part in the presale. If you are then login and visit the tour page where your code is displayed.
Tracydeanne January 24,2013
Tickets Now
BTW, I see some tickets are already on for re-sale on Tickets Now, I would have kept my 4. lol
Tracydeanne January 24,2013
Got my tickets, good seats, but very sad I can only buy 2, guess we won't sit with the rest of our group. :(
jytmy January 24,2013
sting you suck...
Paid membership for presale tickets? You should be ashamed of yourself. You suck.
stingcom January 23,2013
Presales FAQ
For guidance on how the presales work visit
stingcom January 23,2013
The presale is on Jan 24 at 10am local time for legacy members and 11am today local time for new members.
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