Brand New Day
Majorca, ESPlaza de Toros de Palma

An unbelievable concert with Sting at his best...

Stories of mistaken love such as the one of a dog and his master, of million of years of events, of telling so many lies, and of so many uncertainties confronting us. The chrysalis has hatched and 'Brand New Day' is a return to Sting at his best. Consequently he collects prizes and best of all, public support such as that he received from Palma, on last Thursday night. A night with no loose ends.

A kaleidoscope of people, languages and, above all, of high emotion. Everyone wanted to start summer by entering one of the main gates, to an open air concert with a musician at the peak of his powers. In a land hungry for music, where he has always demonstrated the popularity he shares with the likes of Miles Davis, Van Morrison and Paco de LucĂ­a, to find a rejuvenated Sting was a dainty dish. He did not disappoint. He delighted.

More than two hours after the intimate beginning of 'A Thousand Years', the song that established the high tone of the night: good sound, a band of musicians to take your breath away and an audience that knew how to wrap Sting up in its enthusiasm and capture him.

This was nothing like his first appearance at the Hipodromo, where he went down poorly, going through the motions. His concert shared the same atmosphere that enshrouds all of 'Brand New Day'. It was time for a change, to go back to his roots. And Sting's refined pop, carefully touched with world rhythms, has not lost the baroqueness of his other recordings.

It was time. With a sober but colourful stage and discreet lighting, the music was centre stage. Among the evening's pearls was 'Desert Rose', with it's light Arabian melodies which recalled the Police and that best of soloists, Andy Summers. The songs came like falling raindrops - 'Englishman in New York', 'If I Ever Lose My Faith in You', 'Every Breath You Take' - and a sweet version of 'Roxanne' that allowed Sting to show his voice at its best.

Chris Botti's trumpet echoed Miles Davis with unbelievable solos on 'Big Lie Small World' and 'Tomorrow We'll See', and the drumming and backing vocals of Manu Katche recalled 'The Secret Life of Plants' - era Stevie Wonder.

A generous concert at more than 120 minutes, saw Sting remaining calm even when a fan got up onto the stage before being removed by the security staff.

The perfect night, full of hits, ended with 'They Dance Alone' his tribute to the Madres de plaza de Mayo.

We all need a 'Brand New Day'. The public of Mallorca deserves many more nights like this one.

(c) Diario de Mallorca by Lourdes Duran/translated by Matias Pirolo