Brand New Day
Orlando, USTD Waterhouse Center
With Jonny Lang

Sting in Orlando...

While driving to the concert, I was remembering the first time I went to see Sting. It was the Synchronicity tour, with the Police back in 1983! Seventeen years ago... at that time I was 16 years old, good grief!

Anyhow, Sting finally came to the stage about 9.15pm. The song selection remained the same, as described by previous reports from fellow Outlandos members. One noticeable item that was missing however was that there was no song performed from 'Mercury Falling' - not even 'I'm So Happy I Can't Stop Crying'. Overall though, the selection of songs was perfect.

It seemed Sting picked one or two songs from every album, including the Police albums. In fact, 'When The World Is Running Down' was very reminiscent of the version from the live 'Bring On The Night' album from 1986.

Another notable observation is Sting himself. He looked like he was really enjoying the evening. I don't know if it was the Florida sun that got to him, or if he was having flashbacks from the 'Synchronicity' tour, but he was jumping and running all over the stage like he was 16 years old again! It was great! Maybe it's because his hair is blond again, I don't know.

The concert really had a nice flow to it. Everyone performed well, and if there were any glitches, it wasn't apparent from the crowd's perspective.

My choice for the evening's highlight would be 'Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic'. I believe Sting went out of his way to get as close to the album version as possible, especially with his vocals. He cranked that voice up and brought the house down. Everyone was standing, applauding and screaming ''ee-yo-ah''. I started to think it was me having the 'Synchronicity' tour flashback!

What a great show, very upbeat and enjoyable, even after all these years, I remember why Sting is, by far, my favourite performer.

Thanks Sting!

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