Brand New Day
Brno, CZHala Rondo

Sting was faultless at Brno...

British singer and guitar player Sting has been travelling around the world longer for more than a year with his concert tour 'Brand New Day'. The latest place he stopped on the longest tour of his career was Brno. The full Rondo Hall provided evidence about two basic facts: Sting is a well know personality and at the same time we can tell, he found himself on another summit of his carrer.

Sting and his band stepped onto the moderate stage practically without warning. People warmed up quickly to the first song 'A Thousand Years' - the opening song of his last CD 'Brand New Day'. Sting played the guitar solo by himself, which was a suprise. The audience then showed their fervour when Sting took his bass quitar and performed the fifteen year-old hit song 'If You Love Somebody Set Them Free'.

Although the concert tour is called 'Brand New Day' a considerable part of the concert belonged to older songs, but of course he didn't forget his latest songs too.

By the start of concert was able to anticipate other course: seven musicians steered the audience round all of Sting's music history. 'Love is the Seventh Wave' changed new song 'Perfect Love.. Gone Wrong' and French rapper Ste was replaced by drummer Manu Katche, and after this the unique music travel returned to the end of the 80's.

The second part of concert was different with a little change on the stage and light's effects too. Sting opened this part with the song 'Brand New Day' and with the next song 'Englishman in New York' he reached the most emotional moment of the concert. 'Roxanne' was the only song of his Police carrer, Sting didn't perform any other.

Sting's kept the great atmosphere going by aiming good shots: 'When We Dance', 'Fields of Gold, 'All This Time', 'Mad About You'. Also successful of course was the Arabian style song 'Desert Rose' for which the stage was decorated with special flame effects.

Sting performed a twenty three song set at Brno and finished just like he had started - suddenly, with acoustic quitar in his hands, the last song was a slow 'Fragile'.

The concert would not have been so good without Sting's wonderful accompaniment. No songs sounded the same as they do on record. Thanks to new arrangments all the musicians could show off their abilities. Everybody was great, Manu Katche was brilliant, Dominic Miller in 'Fields of Gold' and Chris Botti, same with Jason Rebello and multi-instrumentalist Kipper. As well as playing their instruments all the guys sang backing vocals too.

Sting and these musicians made a faultless pop-rock-jazz band, but they didn't worry about playing funk or country music. The concert was also wonderful thanks to great enthusiasm of 8,000 visitors too.

(c) MF DNES by Halka Friedmannova / translated by Kamila Holan