Mercury Falling
Warsaw, PLStadion Gwardia

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emem August 02,2016
Ticket for this show
I am sending as attachment scan of ticket for the concet which took place in Warsaw, Poland on June 18 1996 Regards, Marcin
anngie March 15,2014
the vibe was there
a shame, I've been just to two of your concerts, this being the first one and – as far as I know – your first in Poland just share some flash memories as no setlist could be remembered started with a picnic waiting with some friends at the grass of the Gwardia stadium from this first „side position” we moved to centre back to have a better view concert started during the daytime, the stadium not being very big so we could enjoy seeing you and the musicians pretty good the vibe was definitely there and I rembember dancing most of the time the concert was pure joy and a real music feast so I have been surprised digging lately through the lyrics and videos that Mercury Falling was not so joyous as I have received it, yet I still remember this one as one of the best concerts I have ever attended remember people singing the songs and knowing pretty much of the lyrics the quality of sound was good, I think even very good rain falling part of the concert final encore was great „Fragile” people left the stadium in the darkness, squeezed like penguins, taking little, tiny steps with the crowd as there was a very small entrance gate open, but most looked and talked like happy penguins :)