Mercury Falling

Reno, NV, US
Reno Hilton Amphitheaterwith Geggy Tah
Sting in Reno...

I was thrilled when I heard Sting would be touring since I've never had a chance to see him perform before. I first got tickets to the Sacramento concert through VH-1 Music Channel; they were selling seats before they went on sale to the public.

My first concert was at the Cal Expo Amphitheatre in Sacramento and it was a very hot day with temperatures of over 100 degrees. A band called 'Geggy Tah' opened with three members using a variety of instruments and they reminded me somewhat of the Police. They played a lively opening and were well received by the audience.

Sting took the stage at 9pm with 'Hounds Of Winter' which led into 'Hung My Head' and then went on to play 'I Was Brought To My Senses', 'Set Them Free', 'Every Little Thing...' 'Seven Days' and 'You Still Touch Me'.

He then stopped and explained to the audience that this was the part of the show he was looking forward to. He then asked a lady in the crowd to come up on stage and sing 'I'm So Happy...' with him and she didn't do too badly. When that was over with he went on to play 'Fields Of Gold', 'Synchronicity II' and 'Roxanne' with an excellent reggae break midway, complimented by some great slide trombone from the horn section. From there they played 'Bring On the Night/'When The World Is...' and a rocking version of 'Demolition Man', He finished off the first part of the set with 'Englishman In New York' in which the saxophonist had a rap in the middle of the song.

Sting came back out with 'If I Ever Lose My Faith...' 'Every Breath You Take', and 'Lithium Sunset', and last but not least he played 'Fragile' to end the night. This was the standard set he used for all the other concerts I attended.

For my second concert Sting played the Reno Hilton Amp. on Wednesday 14 August in Reno. It was perfect weather for a great night of music. Again 'Geggy Tah' opened, as they did for the other two show I attended. The highlight of this night was guest appearances by comedians Robin Williams and Billy Crystal who were in Nevada filming. It was they who assisted Sting with 'I'm So Happy...' and this had the audience going crazy! During the concert Sting joked about not playing many hotels and said: ''I hear if I play well tonight, next time they'll let me play the lounge!'' Sting was really on, he sounded great.

Shoreline Amp. on 16 August in Mountain View, Ca. was located in the Bay Area. It was a cool night but I was back on the green. Fortunately there were huge screens to assist those of us back in the crowd. It was another great concert but there were no exciting incidents that night.

My fourth concert was Concord Pavilion on 7 August. I actually arrived before anyone was playing and had a great seat which was amazing as I only bought the ticket about a month before. A lady I had sat next to earlier had one spare and luckily for me nobody else was ahead of me. This night 'Geggy Tah' made their entrance by walking through the crowd playing drums and one extremely long horn! When they finally reached the stage Dominic Miller joined them for one song in which he just sat in a rocking chair for 'Peace Love In A Rocking Chair.'

During another great set Sting announced that it was the first time he was in Concord ... but the crowd was quick to correct him. Some coming back to him that he had indeed played there in 1986 and others said 1991. Anyway, later in the show Sting said it was coming back to him that he had indeed played there in 1986 and apologised saying that he was getting old and his memory was going!

Later he pulled some guy named R.J. out of the audience for a chorus of 'I'm So Happy...' Sting told him to just sing the chorus but R.J. wanted to sing the whole song with Sting - so they did. R.J. was so persistent in singing that finally Sting just backed off for a few verses and let him go solo. The crowd loved it and we gave RJ. a standing ovation.

They were all great concerts and I'd like to thank STING and the rest of the band. I would like also like to thank OUTLANDOS for keeping me informed of all STING's news.

(c) Eric Sackett for Outlandos/