Summoner's Tales
Rishon L Zion, ILAmpitheatre

Sting in Israel...

At last, after more than 15 years of musical career, the Israeli audiences got to see Sting 'live' for the first time. As well as to Jerusalem and Tiberius, I could hardly believe it when I learned that he was actually coming to my own home town of Rishon Le-Zion.

Fortunately I was not on Army duty the night of the 20th so was able to attend the concert. The venue, The Amphitheatre, holds between 15,000/20,000 people and quickly
filled with the most unbelievable atmosphere.

At 9.30pm Sting came on stage with his regular band. He wore a long blue shirt and was very vital. The crowd was excited to the limit, most of them never having seen him before and he was, as usual, the biggest, the greatest and all the 'ests.' I have seen him live twice before at the R.A.R. (with the help c.f Outlandos Club) but I was very excited to see him in my own town only 15-minutes walk from my home.

For the audience the experience of Sting in Israel was indescribable - there were people of all ages there which is not usual as it is mainly very young people who go to pop concerts here. The highlight of the evening was 'Fragile' the last song, which brought the crowd to the pitch of its excitement and was performed brilliantly by Sting and the band.

Sting was introduced by the first act, singer Danny Robas, who said: ''We are about to go through the biggest experience and to see something unbelievably beautiful...'' and he was absolutely right!

(c) Roi D'Or for Outlandos/