This Cowboy Song, CD

Jan 01, 1995
Track List And Lyrics
    DISC NO: 1
  1. This Cowboy Song (Remix featuring Pato Banton) lyrics
  2. If You Love Somebody Set Them Free (Brothers in Rhythm Edit) lyrics
  3. If You Love Somebody Set Them Free (A Brothers in Rhythm Soundtrack) lyrics
  4. Demolition Man (Soulpower Edit) lyrics
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Sumner's Tales: Sting talks...

"'This Cowboy Song' follows on from that song I wrote last year, 'Love is Stronger than Justice (The Munificent Seven)'. It's an outlaw song about the existential cowboy becoming repentant of his days in the saddle, and dealing with the concept of growing older, death or religion or - I don't know what he's really concerned about, but he's decided he needs to pray and he hasn't got the words with which to pray. All he has is this cowboy song. There's a bit of me in there. As I get older I feel the need to commune with whatever's beyond the grave, but I haven't been trained to do that. Or I'm not really happy with the equipment that was given to me. We made a very funny video in Almeira in Spain where they made all the spaghetti westerns. It's totally intact as it was. We had great time, dressed up as cowboys with gun battles and saloon brawls. It was like being nine years old. We were so happy."
Independent On Sunday, 11/94


'This Cowboy Song' was a new song written for the 'Fields Of Gold - Very Best Of Sting 1984-1994' album. Released as a single in February 1995, the track reached the #15 position. A number of remixes are available including one with Pato Banton. The song has been played live but, sadly, has never been a regular in the set list. the Uk singles featured a variety of mixes across their various formats with several Brothers in Rhythm mixes of 'If You Love Somebody Set Them Free', a couple of Soulpower mixes of 'Demolition Man', but one of the CD singles featured 'Take Me To The Sunshine', a song written for an advertisement for the Japanese holiday resort complex of Seagaia. (Sting performed there in 1994).

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