SOUNDTRACK: Gentlemen Don't Eat Poets

March 11, 1997
  1. This Was Never Meant To Be
  2. This Was Never Meant To Be (Shellac Mix)


This soundtrack includes two version of 'This Was Never Meant To Be' plus score, plus some spoken word excerpts from the movie.


Full Track Listing: 1. This Was Never Ment to Be 2. Theme from 'Gentlemen Don't Eat Poets 3. Opening Titles - The Fledges Arrive 4. Sir Hugo, the Dinosaur....& the Toad 5. Meet George Leckie 6. Dreaming of Doris....& Fledge 7. Gameroom 8. Fledge's Den & Sydney's Disappearance 9. Cleo Looks for Clues 10. Jiving & Jamming 11. Trying It on for Size 12. Apparition...& The Marshes 13. Inspector Limp Gives Chase 14. Fledge Begins His Conquest 15. George's Story 16. This Way Never Ment to Be [Shellac Mix] 17. Innocent Man-Hugo Loses His Mind 18. Cleo Plots Her Revenge 19. Last Dance