Dominic Miller – Live From the Back To Bass Tour (preview)

August 08, 2013

The latest video in Virtual Ticket, filmed along the Back To Bass Summer 2013 tour, features Sting's longtime guitarist, Dominic Miller. Dominic has worked with Sting on every album and tour since 1990, and Sting describes him as being "my right hand and my left hand." Check it out!

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Directed and Edited by Jeff Coffman.


Aug 1, 2013
The ONE Campaign has released new videos of Grammy award-winning artists Sting and, performing the songs "Driven To Tears" and “It’s a New Day” respectively, as part of the agit8 campaign to raise global awareness about extreme poverty.’s new version of ''It’s a New Day'' was recorded in a studio in London, while Sting’s rendition of "Driven To Tears" was filmed on his Back to Bass tour at Chastain Park Amphitheater in Atlanta. Check out Sting's video at and's clip at To see all the agit8 videos and learn more about the history of protest music, visit agit8 online...
Aug 1, 2013
The Friends of Tynemouth Outdoor Pool - the community organisation set up to drive forward the redevelopment of the derelict outdoor pool site in Tynemouth - today announced the launch of their community fundraising efforts for this exciting local project, along with the support of North East musician Sting. Composer, singer-songwriter, activist and actor Sting, originally from Wallsend - just 5 miles from the pool site - recently pledged his support for the project with a financial contribution, helping propel Friends towards their initial goal of achieving charitable status. This will now allow the majority of donations received by the group from the community and other supporters to increase by a further 20% through Gift Aid...