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April 25, 2015

Geordie singers Sting and Jimmy Nail are back home on Tyneside, performing songs from their musical, The Last Ship. The show marks the tenth anniversary of the Sage Gateshead concert venue. ITV's Ian Payne spoke to the stars about shipbuilding, their show, and why they support the Newcastle United boycott. Watch at

April 25, 2015

A local news report on Sting's appearance at the Sage Gateshead with 700 local school children adding their vocal talents to some of his Last Ship material can be viewed online at The interview starts around the 16:20 mark. (country restrictions may mean this isn't available to view in all areas)...

April 25, 2015

Rock star Sting performed songs from The Last Ship with the help of 700 schoolchildren from Gateshead and Newcastle. Seven hundred schoolchildren brought a lump to Sting’s throat as they sang along with songs from his latest album, The Last Ship. The youngsters, from schools in Gateshead and Newcastle, gathered for a short concert by Sting and his band at Sage Gateshead but they were by no means a passive...

April 23, 2015

Sting performs The Last Ship at Sage Gateshead this weekend and reminisces about his childhood in the shadows of Swan Hunter shipyard. The singer has arrived home on Tyneside to this weekend perform songs from The Last Ship to benefit the Sage Gateshead’s 10th Birthday Appeal...

April 20, 2015

The winners of the pairs of tickets to see Sting perform at his Last Ship matinee concert at the Sage Gateshead on April 25 were Alan Page, Alison Percival, Andrzej Strzelczyk, Andy Finch, Anja Suontausta, David Mason, Deb Humble, Debbie Gibbons, Erik van Maren, Fiona Paul, Fiona York, Jane Blackley, Jayne Hawkins, John Howe, John McAleese, John McShane, John O'Leary, June Cook, Leah Puplett, Lisa Bullivant, Liz Anderson, Louisa Hewitt,...

April 14, 2015

Sting, Kings Of Leon, Robbie Williams, Robert Plant, Joan Baez, Patti Smith, David Guetta, Johnny Hallyday, Faithless, Calogero, Véronique Sanson, Charlie Winston, Ben Harper, Etienne Daho, Christine & The Queens… will all be on the line-up at the 40th Paléo Festival Nyon. Sting will perform on 22 July...







25 April

2015: Sting will perform two 'Last Ship' based concerts at the Sage Gateshead, England.

2010: Sting and Trudie were in Washington DC for Earth Day and the Climate Rally. Sting performed a short set with The Roots including 'Fragile, 'Driven To Tears', 'Message In A Bottle' and 'One World'.

2002: Sting was the surprise guest in the unique 'The Play What I Wrote' at London's Wyndham's Theatre.

2001: Sting performed at the Sound and Light Theatre at the Pyramids Of Giza in Cairo, Egypt.

1991: Sting performed at Hammersmith Odeon in London, England.

1989: Sting appeared on the 'Wogan' TV show in London.

1988: Sting performed at the Arena in Bari, Italy.

1979: 'Roxanne' made the BBC top 20 chart and the Police performed at the Fulcrum Centre in Slough, England.


"I knew a lot of lads who did go to sea who would come back and tell me stories about the exotic places they'd visited and how tough life was at sea, what it was like going through a storm and throwing up and wanting to die and visiting brothels and all this incredibly exotic stuff. That life always seemed romantic to me. In fact if my father ever gave me one piece of advice it was 'go to sea'. He wanted me to go to sea. The idea of 'And Yet' is really that it's the romance of the sea - somebody coming back with all of that stuff and visiting home and wondering, actually, where he lives. Does he belong here any more?"



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