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A word about the new 2017 Sting.com Member gift, 57th & 9th: Live From Chicago
This year's annual gift for Sting.com members, included in your membership subscription, is a very special 10 track recording 57th & 9th: Live From Chicago, an exclusive 12” vinyl and companion digital download featuring songs, both new hits and classics, recorded live by WXRT on the 57th & 9th Tour on March 3, 2017.

From feedback received it seems that some clarification is necessary as to who receives this release. Please read below:

1. Anyone subscribing from now (May 10) going forward will be sent the vinyl and have access to the downloads.

2. Anyone who has joined as a new member or resubscribed for an additional year since 1 April 2017, will be sent the vinyl and have access to the downloads.

3. Anyone who subscribed or re-subscribed before 31 March 2017 will receive last year's gift, the Sting.com Tote Bag.

4. Because we have been finalising this year's gift for the last 6-8 weeks, we know that some of you have resubscribed since 1 April 2017 and received a message advising that you will receive a Tote Bag for a second year. This will not happen, and you should automatically receive the recording, but if you do slip through the system and physically receive a second Tote Bag then use the help form, select "Membership Gift" as the topic and contact customer support to let them know so they can resolve for you.

5. Should anyone want to renew now, then you can do so. Follow this renewal link and an additional year will be added to your the remainder of your current membership and this new release will be sent to you.


Q -Who may participate in this ticket pre-sales for the 57th & 9th Tour? Are pre-sales for Sting.com members only?
A – A number of tickets in various price levels have been held for Sting.com members for each show. During the presales, tickets will be made available for all new and legacy members..

Q - What is the ticket limit?
A – Four (4) tickets per membership are allowed on the tour durning the presales. Per show, the larger venues will have a 4 ticket limit while the smaller venues will have a 2 ticket limit. (In the spirit of the fan club one person may have only one membership. If we receive reports of abuse we reserve the right to shut down your membership and cancel your tickets.)

Q - How do I know what pre-sale priority group I am?
A - There are two groups of members taking part in the presale and the emai - legacy and new membersl.

Our ‘legacy' group of longtime subscribers are those who were current, paid-up members BEFORE January 19, 2016.
Your unique pre-sale access code will have a prefix of 579A...

Our ’new members' group, joined as new members or upgraded an expired account AFTER the January 19, 2016.
Your unique pre-sale access code will have a prefix of 579B...

Q - Where can I find my unique presale access code?
A – You can find your code on the Tour page when you are logged in as a member.

Q - What if I am not yet a member but would like to purchase tickets?
A – To join Sting.com as a member, go to the Subscribe page, select a package, fill out the profile information and complete your transaction. Then, after you log in to Sting.com and when you visit the Tour page, your pre-sale access code will be displayed at the top of the page. (Note – we cannot guarantee tickets will be available for all members that would like to purchase tickets.)

Q - Do I have to purchase my tickets in a certain time frame?
A – Yes, see the Tour page for details on presale timing.

Q - How much do the tickets cost
A – Tickets that are held for Sting.com members are sold at the same cost as tickets sold to the general public. The ticket site will have price details.

Q – If I am not a Sting.com member can I purchase tickets?
A – Anyone may purchase tickets to any show once the general onsale begins. Only paid, current members may purchase tickets during the presale period.


Q - Am I able to buy tickets over the telephone?
A - No. Tickets for Sting.com members are only available to purchase over the Internet via the local ticket vendor handling ticket sales for each of the shows.

Q - How do I enter my personal presale code to take part in the ticket sale?
A - When the ticket sale for your chosen show opens, you will need to visit the ticketing site. On the ticketing page, there will be a box for you to enter your unique code. The links for the ticketing vendor presale pages will be sent to you via the registered email address that you provided to Sting.com. The links will also be available on the tour page of Sting.com.

Q - Once I have ordered will I receive an order confirmation?
A - Most ticket companies provide an online order reference number as confirmation of your purchase.

Q - If I have any questions concerning my purchase, whom should I contact?
A - You must always contact the customer services of the ticket vendor from whom you made your purchase.

Q - Can I get replacement tickets if I lose my tickets?
A - Policy concerning lost tickets can vary from venue to venue so contact the customer service department of the ticket company you purchased from to discuss your options.

Q - Once I have purchased, when will I receive my tickets?
A - Tickets are sent out well in advance of the show. If you haven't received your tickets 7 days prior to your show please call the customer service department of the ticket vendor from whom you purchased your tickets.

Q - What forms of payment are accepted?
A - All major credit card types are usually accepted.

Q - How do I know where my tickets will be located?
A - If you are buying seated tickets, the specific seating location can usually be seen during transactions that are booked online.

Q - How can I purchase tickets for disabled access?
A - Accessible seats can typically be purchased at the venue's box office.

Q - What happens if a show is rescheduled or cancelled?
A - Your tickets will be honoured at the rescheduled date, but if you cannot attend the new date or the show is cancelled you will receive a refund.

Q - What if I am not happy with the tickets I purchased?
A - By completing a purchase for tickets you are in agreement that the seat locations you purchased are satisfactory. There are no exchanges, refunds or cancellations.

Q - Does the ticket site have a Customer Service number?
A - Yes. Ticketmaster 800-653-8000 or find them online here.


If you have any questions regarding an order, the website or a technical issue please use the Contact Us form to the right and this will be routed to the Customer Service team.

Or you can contact the Customer Service team at +1-855-527-2695 (inside the US) or +001-949-333-4820 (outside the US).