"Trudie is quite an amazing woman. She's a little younger than me. She's from the north of England, from a council estate. We share the same nostalgia for the past, because we're from the same part of the world and the same part of history. She understands where I come from."
The Last Ship
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On 31 October...

2011: Sting performed a private concert at the Palais Royale in Toronto, Canada.

2010: Sting was interviewed on the Italian TV show 'Che Tempo Che Fa' in Milan.

2007: The Police performed at Madison Square Garden in New York, USA. The band entered into the Halloween spirit by dressing up for the show:

2005: Sting and Trudie dropped in at Sheryl Crow's concert at Avery Fisher Hall in New York before attending Bette Midler's 'Hullaween' charity event where they were honoured for their environmental work.

2004: Sting performed at the Spektrum in Oslo, Norway.

2001: Sting took part in a live webchat hosted by Vizzavi. Jools Holland was the questioner in an excellent chat that featured both sound and vision.

2000: At the annual BMI awards Sting received awards commemorating the six millionth play of 'Every Breath You Take', and the two millionth plays of both 'If I Ever Lose My Faith In You' and 'Spirits In The Material World'.

1999: Sting performed at Mesa Amphitheatre in New Mexico, USA.

1997: Sting and Trudie attended a tribute show at Carnegie Hall to the late Brazilian performer Carlos Jobim. An expired work permit meant that Sting cannot perform as planned, and was restricted to watching only.

1996: Sting performed at the State Theatre in Sydney, Australia. Sting was also a guest at a gala dinner at Sydney Entertainment Centre where he met Diana, Princess of Wales.

1994: Sting performed at the Ocean Hotel in Miyazaki City, Japan. 'The Fields Of Gold' was released in the USA.

1993: Sting performed at Ahoy' Sportspaleis in Rotterdam, Holland during the 'Night of The Proms' concerts.

1989: Sting appeared as Macheath in the '3 Penny Opera' at the Lunt Fontanne Theatre in New York.

1986: A Police 'Best of' collection, entitled 'Every Breath You Take - The Singles' was released in the UK and was accompanied by a video collection.

1985: Sting performed at the Lloyd Noble Centre in Norman, USA.

1983: The Police performed at Leon County Civic Centre in Tallahasee, USA.

1980: The Police performed at Oakland Auditorium in Oakland, USA.

1978: The Police performed at Phase III in Swissvale, USA.

1977: The Police performed with Eberhard Schoener in a Circus Tent in Munich, Germany.

The 1st Festival of Music ''Quitonía Festival 2014'' will take place in December 2014, from 17:00 to 23:00 and STING will headline the night of December 3rd at the Parque Bicentenario of the capital, Quito. There will also be performances by other national and international artists, who will join Sting at the opening of the event, and will participate in the festival. This important event, organized by the Municipality for all the ''Quiteños'', national citizens and foreigners that visit the capital, awaits the warm reception of the people, during the celebration of the Quito Foundation...

[1] Comments
"Sensational! I usually try to avoid superlatives like that, but if the shoe fits, wear it proudly. The shoe - as well as the costumes, the sets, the beautiful and passionate score by Sting, and the most heart-stopping voices on Broadway that go with it - fits like a charm in The Last Ship, a wonderful, ebullient surprise full of heart and soul that lights up the New York theater season like fresh fireworks. "It's so… gray," groused a woman near me who nevertheless gave it a standing ovation. Well, yes. It takes place in a shipyard! If you want Las Vegas, go elsewhere. But if you want greatness that makes your heart soar with emotion and joy, go to The Last Ship and do it fast..." reports the New York Observer
The winners of the pairs of tickets to attend the opening night of Sting's "The Last Ship" at the Neil Simon Theatre in New York on October 26 were Adina Schecter, Colleen Thibault, Deb Conrardy, Eric Lubin, Fred Berthelot, Jim Vernon, John Schick, Julie Stavert, Linda McKee, Linda Treschitta, Maria Elena Botei, Patti Hinton, Paul Zelin, Phyllis Drohan, Sarah Turnbull, Stephanie Schrager, Sue Bett, Sue Johnson, Susan Walsh and Valerie Smith. Thanks to everyone who entered!
As previously announced Sting & Paul Simon will bring their critically-acclaimed On Stage Together tour to Europe in 2015. With a show in Paris already confirmed for April 3, we are pleased to announce that a second and final show has been confirmed April 4 at Zenith Paris La Villette. Tickets for the second show will go on sale on Friday, October 24th at 10:00 am. Tickets for April 4 in Paris will go on sale to the general public on Friday, October 24 at 10am through livenation.fr, ticketnet.fr and all usual outlets. Members of the Sting.com fan club will have an opportunity to purchase tickets in advance beginning tomorrow, October 21 at 9am through Wednesday, October 22 at 3pm.
Sting and the cast of ''The Last Ship'' are booked onto the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon for October 16th.

A few people I know had the same idea last and hied themselves over to the Neil Simon Theater on West 52nd St. to see a preview of Sting and Joe Mantello's ''The Last Ship.'' The show, which got raves in Chicago over the summer, started performances last week with a circle around October 26th for its big opening. So funny to spot the other skulkers who came to see whether rumors of the show's seaworthiness were true. They are indeed. ''The Last Ship'' is even in much better shape than when I saw it in Chicago. Writer John Logan (whom I spotted darting about with a clipboard) has significantly changed the show’s opening, beefed up the back story and entry of the main character, Gideon, sung by the stunning Michael Esper...
Jimmy Nail was having an out-of-body moment. His lanky frame was folded in an armchair in the low-ceilinged basement lounge of the Neil Simon Theater for an interview, but his tired eyes suddenly searched the room's four corners, as if he were trying to see beyond its walls: back to Newcastle-on-Tyne, back to the shipyards where he and the men of his family once toiled. "I worked on big turbines that propelled the supertankers," said Mr. Nail, the son of a shipyard foreman who plays one in the new musical "The Last Ship," which has songs by another Newcastle native with a sharp-edged moniker, Sting. "You had a turbine shed that might have been four times the length of this room, and in the middle of it was a turbine, and men were crawling all over it like ants, welding it and polishing it."
Bravo Media's Emmy Award-winning ''Inside the Actors Studio,'' hosted by James Lipton, welcomes world-renowned musician, actor, author and composer Sting to the stage on Thursday, October 23rd at 8pm ET/PT. Lipton sits down with the singer-songwriter to discuss everything from his time with The Police to his forthcoming Broadway musical ''The Last Ship,'' which opens on October 26 at the Neil Simon Theatre. ''In the twenty-one years of Inside the Actors Studio, there has never been an episode like Sting's,'' says Lipton. ''Performing numerous songs and revealing himself with unprecedented candor, irresistible charm and undisguised emotion, he has brought us a Sting that his legion of followers has never seen before. On the eve of the opening of ''The Last Ship,'' the magic begins on our stage.''

[2] Comments
Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter Sting and director Joe Mantello will be part of an Oct. 20 TimesTalk to discuss the new Broadway musical The Last Ship, which opens on Broadway Oct. 26 at the Neil Simon Theatre. Directed by Tony winner Mantello (Casa Valentina, Wicked), The Last Ship arrived on Broadway in September following a Chicago world-premiere engagement earlier this summer. New York Times chief pop music critic Jon Pareles will lead the sold-out 6:30 PM discussion between the two collaborators, which will also be live streamed at TimesTalks.com...
Award-winning singer-songwriter Sting chats with Playbill.com about overcoming years of writer's block with the new autobiographical musical The Last Ship. Sting looks tired. It's understandable, considering it's the hour before the final run-through of the first Broadway musical he's written (and, in true theatre tradition, re-written). The auditorium of the Neil Simon Theatre is crowded with tables and cables, the room dominated by dozens of tech people the audience never sees. It's refreshing that a 16-time Grammy winning superstar looks like a sleep-deprived theatre person, rather than one of those aging rockers who now resemble their wax figures at Madame Tussaud's. "It's an out-of-body experience," Sting says, rubbing his eyes. "You relinquish a lot of control, but all of these people bring something to the process I can't."