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brijohn November 08,2012
Set list
Great set list. Mixed things up nicely.
bobusa November 08,2012
Just got back from this great concert. I drove 1200Km 2way to see Sting and it was worth every Km! The show was absolutely fantastic! Sting was in top shape and the band played for 2 hours straight. Sound was top notch. My favourite of the show was Desert Rose. Great performance! Even though Photography was not allowed there where hundreds of mobile phones around taking photographs and video, go figure. I would like to thank Sting and the band for keeping up with us fans demanding the same hits over and over. Thanks Again! Ps, Photo is from a camera phone, but it gives a good impression

bobusa August 26,2012
Seems like there is no photography allowed at this venue according to their website. Can anybody confirm this? Thanks.